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Ron Paul: Bringing Transparency to the Federal Reserve

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 03.03.12, 01:15 PM
READ "THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND" G.E.Griffin the truth and accurate history of federal reserve. Read it and weep.A sucker is born every second and they(Federal Reserve) bank on that!
Jann Avatar
Posted: 01.19.10, 06:41 AM
I agree with Foraboy, bad politics primarily is created by the passivity of the masses who rather spend their unconscious life´s eating fast food in front of their TV. Ron Paul is wasting his time because the masses always prefers a good sounding lie over the ugly truth. "I don´t want cut my spending right now, it´s feels somehow too inconvenient , I rather deal some day with the global finical crisis... and now get lost, I mean get out of my view so I can watch: Lost!"
Pess Avatar
Posted: 01.07.10, 06:34 PM
go go go
Foraboy Avatar
Posted: 11.27.09, 12:37 PM
Ron Paul and Peter Schiff tell us both regular citizens and corporations (defense, finance, medical, etc) get too much free money from the government and this shifts the economy off balance, inflates prices, etc. They are against welfare and wealthfare. They want to do away with social security, medicare, medicaid, and minimum wages. Sure there is corporate support for that. Will they realistically succeed of getting rid of wasteful military spending and subsidies to the finance sector in the form lower taxes, zero interest loans and plain purchasing the banks investment losses? No! We all did the crime, but realistically, only regular people will do the time.
rkm Avatar
Posted: 08.27.09, 06:30 AM
It is funny how people can get suckered into thinking that the RP skit was real. You see RP and Bruno, but you don't see the cameraman who is focusing in for RP's "reaction". Moreover, I doubt you can get RP for a cup of coffee (without an audience) or giving birth.
theSTARforum Avatar
Posted: 08.22.09, 10:50 PM
Think about WHY they let Lehman fail. Head of the Fed was Tim Geitner, and he had ties to Goldman Sachs. With all of these failures, Goldman Sachs has come out better for it. I've heard Congress ask where money has gone directly to Bernanke, and he simply says, "I don't know." That isn't transparency, so obviously something needs to be done to change things.
Aleksey Avatar
Posted: 08.20.09, 03:36 PM
Looks like he is still upset after Bruno successfully seduced him
greenlaserboy Avatar
Posted: 08.20.09, 09:10 AM

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