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George Shultz & David O'Reilly Talk Energy Policy

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martingugino Avatar
Posted: 08.21.09, 08:34 AM
Nuclear tragedy
When Ronald Regan met with Mikhail Gorbachev at Reykjavík to discuss the "zero option", the elimination of all nuclear weapons, Mr Regan balked because he was committed to SDI, star wars, which was a deal breaker for Gorbachev. Unsure, he passed a note to George Schultz: "Am I wrong?" George replied - No mister president, you are right. (from James Carroll's book House of War (2007))
martingugino Avatar
Posted: 08.21.09, 01:24 AM
Water Power or Solar Collector. Not sure which.
In section #04, George Schultz talks about a professor at MIT who wants to power the USA using the MIT swimming pool. This cannot be feasible, right? George talks about the man's invention of a catalyst - so I am not sure if he thinks that the invention is a solar collector, or a kind of chemical electrolysis. In either case, you would not need the "fuel cell". When the hydrogen is created, so would oxygen be created. You could burn them both in an internal combustion engine, and put the water back into the fuel tank. I can't believe that George Schultz is pushing this "invention". The head of Chevron, O'Reilly, is not much better, except that he recognizes the need to teach physics in school.
ethorson Avatar
Posted: 08.09.09, 12:18 AM
I just don't understand why we don't talk about the best way to solve the greenhouse gas problem. We don't seem to learn from Nature itself. Instead we invent money games like cap and trade that are just another opportunity for market traders to generate pseudo-cash. If we want to make a real dent in global warming, we should just plant forests all over the world. That is what a forest does, after all. It absorbs CO2 and gives off O2. Instead we keep cutting them down. Are we that stupid?

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