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Eduardo Galeano Chronicles the History of Human Adventure

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srmclauren Avatar
Posted: 08.04.10, 03:34 PM
¡Qué lástima que su mente está programada de tal manera! Él no es un hombre ignorante, de ninguna manera, sólo sabe muchas cosas que no son ciertas. Ha creado su propia realidad con retazos de engaño. Todos han recibido fragmentos de lo que ne es la verdad desde joven, y debemos saber rechazarlos. Sólo por medio de la gracia de Dios por Jesucristo podamos hacerlo. What a shame that his mind is programmed in such a manner. He is not an ignorant man by any means. He only knows many things that are not true. He has created his own reality from bits and pieces of deception. All have received fragments of that which is not the truth since our youth and we must know how to reject them. Only by the grace of God through Jesus Christ may we be able to do this.
vegob Avatar
Posted: 05.29.10, 05:11 PM
what an ass u r sir. there are tons of books that say the same or similar things, with foornotes.
Posted: 11.06.09, 08:11 AM
I think its very hard be a negacionist of him eduardo galeano exist... Believe o not!! We are very lucky amazing person never see before
Juan Montalvo Avatar
Juan Montalvo
Posted: 10.20.09, 08:47 AM
Galeano is a Negacionist and a defender of dictators like Castro and Chávez. His edulcorated speeches are nothing but cheap propaganda and filofascism in the form of the defense of Statist Obesity. It is really sad to see people fall into his victimism ideology that has Latin America submerged into poverty.
deeliciousplum Avatar
Posted: 06.27.09, 06:46 PM
Eduardo Galeano has simply ignited my heart. Much gratitude to for sharing this video to all those who have stumbled upon such a powerful being who reminds each and everyone of us as being a part of this beautiful life and its many histories.

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