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The Surprising Holdouts on Don't Ask Don't Tell

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Mekari Avatar
Posted: 03.28.10, 09:51 PM
Thank you Gypsy78, i've got many friends who were in the military who are not gay and they say exactly what gypsy78 said "Everyone is there to do a job" and everyone should know and think of the military as such, a job, not a college frat house. If you feel uncomfortable just because you know that someone in your unit is gay then it's your damage not theirs and they deffiantely do not deserve to be kicked out just because their presence makes you a little uncomfortable so please check your ignorance and know yourself.
gypsy78 Avatar
Posted: 03.19.10, 01:44 PM
scamper, it is not about 'making a big deal'. Choi, Ferenbach, Muarray and thousands of others have been outed by others and dismissed under this policy. They were playing by the rules, 'not telling' when someone else told and they got fired. To say to people that they are welcome to put on a uniform and put their lives on the line, but then require them to lie either by comission or ommission is not just unAmerican its also againast the military's code of honor, which values integrity. There is zero evidence that sexual tension, as you put it, is likely to be created by not forcing these patriots to lie about who are they are. Most soldiers are professionals, interested in their jobs and working for their units. DADT is a failed policy. Choi is an Arabic linguist, a West Point grad, a repsected leader of his men (who know he's gay) and an incredible asset to the army. He's been gay the whole time, and somehow maanged to resist the urge to ravage his fellow soldiers (sarcasm intended). Honestly, some straight men think that gay men spend their lives lusting after them. There are ample regulations that cover inappropriate conduct should it occur. The fact that someone is 'uncomfortable' about some perceived lust that they imagine themselves to be the object of says a lot more about the sexual hangups of that person than they do about anyone else. Furthermore, the UK, Canada and Israel (to name three of dozens of countries) do not force their gayu soldiers to live a lie. Last I checked they had pretty respected militaries. In fact it is argued, with some merit, that the SAS is the most effective group of soldiers in the world, and the IDF is known to be one of the most revered militaries of any nation. The Canadians have been our best allies in Afganistan and are serving side by side US troops right now with no problems at all. Your arguments are based on your own prejudice without any proper regard for reality.
Rightwing Patriot Avatar
Rightwing Patriot
Posted: 11.20.09, 05:35 AM
I try to understand from the gays' view but they have to understand the "band of brothers". I was in the Army and at first, we don't know each other but we get to know each other and over time, we develop into a family. I felt like these guys were closer to me than my own brothers. Now putting a gay into the group would make us feel uncomfortable because I believe that we would feel how a woman would feel, like the gay was thinking of us as sex objects. If you really understand the difference between men and women, a woman would just respond in words while a man would response in a physical manner. I am sorry how gays feel. I don't have a problem with someone being gay BUT I do not think that they should be in the military because the band have to be as one unit!
scamper Avatar
Posted: 11.03.09, 09:52 PM
Despite the rhetoric... don't ask, don't tell is one of the most reasonable policies. Ponder it for a second. Why do we separate men and women? Because there is attraction. Some women might not feel comfortable showering alongside men or sleeping in the same bunk. So we give women the right to be free from sexual tension with men. So now what do you do with men in the army? Do they not deserve the same right to be free from sexual tension from homosexuals? We could be consistent and just not separate men and women. Everyone shower and bunk together. That would at least treat everyone equally. Separating everyone would be a logistical nightmare. So when you actually get down to the practicalities... don't ask, don't tell is a pretty good policy. Don't make a big deal about the fact that you are a homosexual in the army. Life goes on. Otherwise... lets just treat everyone equally, men and women and have everyone shower and bunk together (not being sarcastic).
tsmitheugene503 Avatar
Posted: 06.18.09, 01:21 PM
I agree. However, I also agree with Tammy Baldwin that they shouldn't bring something to the floor until they know they have the votes because it is absolutely necessary that they educate people enough to have it pass. Unfortunately, a lot of these things take time but hopefully we will see some major progress on this subject before the end of this year.
theoriginaldrifter Avatar
Posted: 06.17.09, 04:54 PM
I started reading up on the history of the 'don't ask, don't tell' bill and I can't believe the level of harassment that soldiers receive from their fellow mates. It reminds me of 'Band of Brothers' where soldiers should not be fighting amongst themselves like in set case where 'U.S. Navy Radioman Third Class Schindler, who was brutally murdered by shipmate Terry M. Helvey (with the aid of an accomplice), leaving a "nearly-unrecognizable corpse"' (reference from,_don%27t_tell ). Soldiers should be united under their country's cause and fight solely against the enemy. Bearing arms at the guy who has got your back isn't the wisest decision. And to discharge gay soldiers/doctors that are doing well in their field of profession is only harming the country from doing the best they can. Today I passed by a sign that said something along the lines of 'Straight men are opposed to gay rights. Are they doing the right thing? Or are they thinking straight?' Stop being so close minded world.