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Why Fashion Still Matters with T's Editor Sally Singer

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Connie Klein Avatar
Connie Klein
Posted: 02.01.12, 06:11 PM
love this; love fashion!
miika14 Avatar
Posted: 11.22.09, 08:06 AM
The problem with the imagery of clothes as you see it as some kind of cheap fabric, sewn together that is going to be inexpensive. Why are clothes deem inferior to other products that you invest in? Could you possibly change cars every four years or move or buy a new house at your disposal? Morally, a blouse that costs $450.00 is wrong but your view is blinded only by money. How much time do you think a designer puts into making it? How much the fabric costs? Who makes it? If you can actually start to ask yourself a life cycle of the blouse, maybe you will see why it costs $450.00. And no one is asking you to buy every single piece by a designer. It's about just saving something special.
QuietFire Avatar
Posted: 06.26.09, 09:39 PM
After hearing this discussion it is very obvious that the clothing of the first lady is of great significance. Personally, I am glad that her dress represents her charisma and presonality which exudes an extreme level of confidence. Michelle Obama is a rare find as is her husband and so if she continues to wear clothes that flatter and project a lovely image of her that of course feeds into what we precieve her as, so let it be. Clothes will always represent our personality but never do I believe they define the character of a person. Fashion is what you make it and how you wear it.
8:30dreamer Avatar
Posted: 06.12.09, 02:30 PM
LOL at the reverent way she talks about cardigans and belts. Never been able to understand why some people care about the way a First Lady dresses.
Rdallas1 Avatar
Posted: 06.11.09, 01:41 PM
Fashion can be an imposition on people because the average person can't afford what they really want to express their personal style. I would love to express my style through Christian Audigier and Veronique Branquinho but I find it really hard, not only financially but morally to buy a blouse for $450. Maybe if she sold her clothing for half that, she wouldn't be next in line for filing bankruptcy...
manyhats Avatar
Posted: 06.10.09, 05:33 PM
I think fashion seems trivial to many people, but WOW I learned so much just from watching these two highlights.