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The Persian Paradox: Understanding Iran and Iranians

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Previous FORAtv comments:
phiscal Avatar
Posted: 10.02.09, 07:43 AM
Interesting presentation from an Iranian insider. Includes a only mild blackwash of US mideast policy, but a decided whitewash of Iranian foreign policy.
ajstavely711 Avatar
Posted: 07.09.09, 06:13 AM
You are correct! To say Twitter caused the uprising is an Insult to all those brave Iranians who had their vote stolen and have had to live under a horrible regime for decades...Seriously, I have no idea what samtheman point is but I think it is either ignorance or political.
ajstavely711 Avatar
Posted: 07.09.09, 06:10 AM
Twitter did not "cause" the uprising...A stolen election and decades of anger caused the uprising! Twitter simply help in communicating. I think that is an insult to the Iranian People! Twitter was used by the Iranian People like the Chinese students used the FAX Machine to communicate and organize the Chinese uprising in Tiananmen square.
ajstavely711 Avatar
Posted: 07.09.09, 06:03 AM
I think you are incorrect about the Iran Election...Even the IGC admitted to 3 million votes that were wrong. Of course, your comment was made before much of the evidence came out showing the election was in fact stolen.
Rosa12 Avatar
Posted: 07.08.09, 09:43 AM
Great series, it is strange to watch now after the fact but still informative. As of now clerics in Qom are beginning to align themselves with the reformist movement against the dictates of the Supreme Leader. See this for more: The press is saying that this symbolizes the beginning of a break down within the government. It is hard to tell if this will lead to change, or violent suppression of opposition but judging by how things have gone thus far, sadly the latter is more likely.
adambl Avatar
Posted: 06.19.09, 03:18 PM
What's interesting is that Majd predicted that the election results would be accurate within around 100k votes, which makes me think that Ahmadinejad may've legitimately won. However, some of the inconsistencies like Ahmadinejad winning Mousavi's hometown is suspicious. As for Twitter, I recommend you follow PersianKiwi. His/her updates are terrifying.
samtheman Avatar
Posted: 06.19.09, 03:15 PM
Well, I think Twitter users were the initial cause behind all of it but if anything, they were at least the main cause. Here some links to explain the movement: , and .
Bob B Avatar
Bob B
Posted: 06.19.09, 11:51 AM
It's difficult to argue what exactly triggered extended news coverage of Iranian protests which was previously restricted by Tehran authorities. However, Twitter has been great in generating the buzz around elections followed by protests. Looks like the delay of the Twitter's upgrade, mentioned by Samtheman, was requested by US State Department directly
OneRyt Avatar
Posted: 06.18.09, 11:53 PM
Do you know for sure it was Twitter users that prompted it specifically? To me, that sounds like an amazing victory in general, but it sounds too good to be true. I'd like to quote that piece of information, but yeah... Samtheman is not an acceptable source. :P
"Think Intelligently, Beyond All Imagination." Tyrone Lamoureux
samtheman Avatar
Posted: 06.15.09, 08:42 PM
Thanks to Twitter users after having loudly protested about lack of news coverage, we are now getting CNN news reports on the Tehran protests and Twitter is doing their part in the Iran elections by postponing their maintenance check til tomorrow. Thanks to technology, we will be able to be a more informed world.

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