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The Constitutional Legacy of the New Deal

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Posted: 09.25.09, 01:51 PM
Indeed the turn of last century starting from wilson and the immigrates of the central european bankers and their desire to create the new world order via the wars, they came for North American and basically that was the end of free men. European bankers slowly cut the world up with invasion and wars. Not to mention the present game. For instance heres a trick one can not. when R reagan was president he profess less government. Sure meanwhile the republican could side track the mass's with this game and in the process begin the the new structure to overtake the government and put in the neo con laws. it work in the long run. so be the case of the Fifth Generation group. Who in the early 90's proclaim in one of their congress's that at the turn of the century"THEY WOULD HAVE FULL CONTROL OF UNITED STATES" . You figure it out.

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