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Rodney Brooks: Remaking Manufacturing With Robotics

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Maker Faire Bay Area 2009

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Manicmagnet Avatar
Posted: 01.04.11, 06:43 PM
Now with The Shipping Machines to receive resources from the Resource Machines, you will have an unending shipment to the world and automated cars directed by satelitte to meet their route.
Manicmagnet Avatar
Posted: 01.04.11, 06:40 PM
It will precisely do just that, it will rest the need to work. With automatic shipping machines, you have something to give money to get service. with resource machines you have something to give money to get served resources. automating the resource machine to return money to the government systems of social security to hand out cash to the public. Now the public is free of debt with unlimited Handouts for Community service of about the press of a button. and those people will keep the machines processing. In the future we will be in paradise, vacation for 1-2 years at a time with a simple 1-day interruption for your service as a button presser. the Button will accept the transaction of the government social security and the automated resource machines, in turn providing power for cash, to be handed out to that person. Imagine pressing a button for 1,000,000 dollars and then providing energy to the world. Everyone would agree to provide energy for the world if they got paid to do it.
Andrew Atkin Avatar
Andrew Atkin
Posted: 09.05.10, 11:32 PM
It's quite simple: The less we need to work the less we will work. We will have maybe a 3-day week, 6 hour day work life--and this rest will be recreation. Bring it!
Andrew Atkin Avatar
Andrew Atkin
Posted: 09.04.10, 10:07 PM
I liked the way he focused on the DARPA challenge, because automated transportation infrastrucure (which will lead to full-automation network-based transport) will impact our lives in a manner comparable to the introduction of AC power. If the reader is intersted, I write about this progression here: Automated transport infrastructure will also facilitate the economical outsourcing of domestic labour, which will reduce the need for home-based robots in itself. He should have also talked about the use of remote-control via the Internet to help out the robots: that is, using humans to cut in when (and only when) the robots software isn't yet up to the play... A single human controller can facilitate maybe hundreds of robots by switching from one robot to the next, again with the human only cutting in as operations require it. This functionality will accelerate the implementation (and investment) of robots.
ethnographer1 Avatar
Posted: 08.31.10, 07:28 AM
Robotic Capital vs Human Labor
Capital and labor are inter-changeable economic inputs. Robots are cute but they are also Capital. Laborers are undependable but are human. Robots do take jobs away from people. But the rub is that people consume a very wide range of products and robots don't. Humans are the consumers that make the economy run. When there are no more jobs for people, will there be a Consumer robot model?
dbenson24 Avatar
Posted: 05.19.10, 10:19 PM
I'd have to agree with toasterface, people are capable of much more than dish washing, and janitorial work even without a high school diploma. by, getting robots to do the "dumb" work it allows the economy to use human potential even more significantly.
toasterface Avatar
Posted: 05.18.10, 05:30 PM
Robots are just like other technological advances. They don't put people out of the workforce they just change the workforce.
charles stubbart Avatar
charles stubbart
Posted: 03.03.10, 08:34 AM
Tell them to finish high school.
mszlazak Avatar
Posted: 12.23.09, 08:28 PM
Let's do research to replace CEO's with robots.
Paul Jones Avatar
Paul Jones
Posted: 11.20.09, 05:50 PM
Re: Jobs. All janitors, all dish washers, all drivers... unemployed. The aren't going to be happy people at that point.