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MythBuster Adam Savage's Colossal Failures

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There are 11 comments on this program

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adambl Avatar
Posted: 08.20.10, 02:27 PM
@thoughtstorms It's actually called SCRAP.
thoughtstorms Avatar
Posted: 06.24.10, 09:43 AM
Can anyone tell me more about the "SCRAB" ... i googled ["san francisco unified school district" donation reclamation] with no good results. He doesn't say the name very clearly. I'm not in California, but i think i'd like them in my contacts. Great video! I'm better at the unmitigated failures (Visitor above was right in her\his quibble) than Adam is, but i keep trying.
wmain Avatar
Posted: 01.17.10, 05:31 AM
Failure is the work to achieve the reward of success
Kaeside Iwuagwu Avatar
Kaeside Iwuagwu
Posted: 01.03.10, 02:28 PM
I'm a civil engineering major at my school and it is always inspirational to listen to this guy. I want his obsession and his love for what he does.
digitalheir Avatar
Posted: 01.01.10, 02:49 PM
Heartbreaking story, the one with the girl.
skybluesally Avatar
Posted: 06.12.09, 07:03 AM
God, I love "Mythbusters"! In my ideal world, I'd join the team & work with them for free! Superb TV - entaining & educational - awesome!
Visitor Avatar
Posted: 06.11.09, 09:52 AM
"Savage talks about failure - unmitigated, colossal failures he's experienced during his career." No he doesn't. Failure is when you're spending 3 years trying to do something and your life just goes backwards. In fact, example 1 may be a failure (to install the machine as they wanted) but it's definitely not unmitigated: he got a ton of money out of it, and the job was nearly impossible due to the laws of physics. That's mitigation. This is the kind of failure you use when you're asked at a job interview to tell of a situation where you failed.
tsmitheugene503 Avatar
Posted: 06.10.09, 12:34 PM
I think that the most important thing about the failures in life is what you learn and I think he presented that. If we could be successful at everything that we tried would we still want to do it? Or is it the occasional failures and risk of failing in every attempt that makes the result worthwhile?
Manna Avatar
Posted: 06.05.09, 11:33 PM
Adam Savage ftw! Er, for teh fail!? Regardless, this is a great program.
And the knot comes loose...
eglasgow Avatar
Posted: 06.05.09, 03:27 PM
Adam Savage is so personable; seems like a really good human being. Thanks for this video.

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