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Electricity Theater with Omega Recoil

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Maker Faire Bay Area 2009

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Periergeia Avatar
Posted: 05.25.10, 10:00 PM
"Wireless energy technology" That's not particularly new... the sun converts something like 1.4 million tons of mass into energy every second and transmits all of it with 100% efficiency to the rest of the universe. Please note that she is NOT using a Tesla coil for that purpose. It's more like an incandescent light bulb... The reason the sun can do that is because she works based on Maxwell's equations and not based on Tesla's failed ideas on electricity.
Thoma$ Avatar
Posted: 12.27.09, 08:00 PM
In the reciever they should use an avramenko plug to light up rows of white LED's.
Shadow41 Avatar
Posted: 12.23.09, 12:53 PM
Cool stuff. I'm also fan of Tesla so it was nice to watch these guys.
nightlight Avatar
Posted: 10.18.09, 12:10 AM
What's with that crazy hat! Anyway, I think it would make great special effects for science fiction movies but other than that... Well, who knows. Anyway,good luck and keep on sparking.
mrpossoms Avatar
Posted: 09.03.09, 08:51 PM
I did a little bit of reading on Tesla's transmission of wireless electricity, and according to his patents and writings the transmitting coil shouldn't be discharging like it is in this video. That is a colossal waste of energy and highly inefficient.
flash dave Avatar
flash dave
Posted: 08.24.09, 04:12 AM
yuk, a corporate message in the intro - boo.
back_ache Avatar
Posted: 07.15.09, 05:16 AM
Anyone who makes science fun, exciting and engaging as these guys do, deserves a round of applause.
EzeRojas Avatar
Posted: 06.22.09, 10:48 PM
Sparky Jewell: Worst Haircut EVER.
nicolasjames Avatar
Posted: 06.18.09, 07:14 PM
Sure, what do you want to know brayfield? Start reading about Tesla if you want to know more, I think every interesting college student should go through the Nikola Tesla phase. For some, like myself, it can become an obsession. I find it funny that in this video they mention the photo of Mr. Tesla sitting in the room as a "double exposure" - when he was actually known for actions like these. That being said, I think it's awesome that there are so many fans these days. Wireless energy technology has already started to creep back into the mainstream and laboratories in top schools. I forget the transmission distance that's possible now but I remember the last numbers being impressive (I think over 80 feet). Any documentary/book on Tesla is highly recommended for creative beings.
Blodgrape Avatar
Posted: 06.18.09, 11:14 AM
About Nikola Tesla an odd but highly impressive man - Google on him and you'll find more info.

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