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Rep. Ellen Tauscher Talks Nuclear Non-Proliferation

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LaraR Avatar
Posted: 11.12.09, 10:48 PM
with the issue of nuclear weapons it is a case of if you get rid of yours we'll get rid of ours. Problem is no state wants to be the first to get rid of them. As Bashful320 points out possession of nuclear weapons by one state generates a security dilemma, which has the potential to erupt into conflict.
Bashful320 Avatar
Posted: 06.11.09, 04:03 PM
I think if the US eliminates nuclear weapons then it is definitely a start, especially since is something that we set out to do a long time ago. However, I do think it is a difficult subject because as long as other countries have nuclear programs as Bob B mentions it will remain a dangerous world. If one country has nuclear weapons than another country will feel threatened unless they also have nuclear weapons. I am not sure how we would completely eliminate nuclear weapons completely simply because you would have to eliminate the threats that other countries feel towards each other, if that could ever be possible.
Bob B Avatar
Bob B
Posted: 06.10.09, 01:35 PM
The Rep.Tauscher argues that elimination of nuclear weapons worldwide will eventually create more peace. It is hard to disagree, but it is unlikely that US will make a significant progress in this direction, at least at the moment, accounting for the dangers of Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs.