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Marcus Chown in Conversation with Fred Watson

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editorterry Avatar
Posted: 09.07.09, 02:10 AM
Yes, at first the moderator seems intrusive. But he keeps the interview alive with his witty and sometimes "corny" (An Amercanism which loosly means deliberately unsophisticated.) His Microphone is mixed 10 decibiles higher than his guest adds to tthe annoyance.
davesmith_au Avatar
Posted: 09.03.09, 10:31 PM
Piko, creation of something from nothing is a violation of conservation law. It is also a violation of common sense, but that's a subjective observation... As for the "black hole" at the centre of the milky way, if you want to believe that an errant mathematical construct resides there well and good, I prefer to look to the physical realm for my explanations.
Piko Avatar
Posted: 09.02.09, 06:46 AM
You are incorrect davesmith_au. Der it contradicts conservation law and the laws of physics. I believe String theory is sci fi, but quantum theory certainly is not. the sci fi comes in from the attempts to unify relativity and quantum mechanics. Not in relativity or quantum mechanics. These are both well tested and well proven. As for black holes, there is one at the centre of the milky way, you do realise this?
davesmith_au Avatar
Posted: 08.31.09, 10:32 PM
In fact, the most intelligent input came from the audience, particularly the first questioner around 50 minutes in, who observed that "... quantum theory really completely contradicts conservation law", and also asked "Isn't it about time that cosmologists and astonomers dump the fallacious concept of black holes?" At least someone is still capable of thinking for themselves.
davesmith_au Avatar
Posted: 08.31.09, 09:38 PM
What utter piffle! When did our scientific institutions get taken over by sci-fi writers? Too much Star Trek in their youth I think...
Piko Avatar
Posted: 08.31.09, 02:43 AM
I assume its possible to know about the intricacies of quantum theory and still not understand it. Perhaps that was his point. But really, irrelevant to the overall discussion to which i give a thumbs up.
TDCash Avatar
Posted: 08.30.09, 01:29 PM
My initial reaction was to agree with the other commentators that the host is annoying, but I decided to watch some of the program before really forming an opinion. Having done so, I'd have to say that my initial reaction was accurate. I, too, am uncertain as to whether or not if he is joking when he claims not to understand the topics being discussed. It seems unlikely, given that he's the director of an observatory, but it's possible. Otherwise, this is an excellent show.
Donald Weetman Cameron Avatar
Donald Weetman Cameron
Posted: 08.20.09, 06:11 AM
The host is annoying . He is. life alone with a telescope? Ejoying it though cheers dwc
PabloPicante Avatar
Posted: 08.19.09, 02:51 PM
The host is annoying. He's making a joke attempt about every single topic without missing one. Just let the man speak already. The topic is interesting though, so I'll go get the book.
fotografiacoppola Avatar
Posted: 08.17.09, 03:28 PM
interesting... I've just started late in astronomy myself, but I find all this fascinating! Giovanni Coppola

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