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theoriginaldrifter Avatar
Posted: 06.17.09, 05:11 PM
In addition, Bill Henson had approached the parents of the subjects he was planning on photographing. If he were an actual pedophile, he would have just done it behind the parents' back but Bill seems to act like a photographer who legitimately wants to just photograph art.
theoriginaldrifter Avatar
Posted: 06.17.09, 05:08 PM
@8:30dreamer - Have you seen the photos? There is a huge difference between photographic art and erotic/sexual art. When you see a photograph of a person that is doing an ad for breast cancer and is nude, that's considered photographic art whereas if the person is nude yet being photographed at a porn shoot, that is considered erotic/sexual art. If a person is being photographed in an artistic way whether it be someone of age or someone underage, it is their decision. Sure, if the underage child is being taken photos that are extremely explicit and are highly suggestive, then there is something to worry about. But I agree with Marr. People are allowed to have their opinions on things and if they don't like it, they are allowed to voice it but unless it is detrimental to one's health or intentionally breaking the law, then go on your way.
8:30dreamer Avatar
Posted: 06.17.09, 03:39 PM
The photos are so offensive that the issue shouldn't even be looked at subjectively. In fact, it's not even an "issue." Just stop these kinds of pictures from being taken, by any means necessary. The end.
eglasgow Avatar
Posted: 06.17.09, 03:06 PM
I think the way Marr treats the touchy subject is wonderful - regardless of his opinion on the issue, he states whose business he thinks it should be.

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