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Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Afterschool Programs

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brayfield Avatar
Posted: 06.13.09, 11:22 AM
We also need to find better ways to teach. It needs to be more hands-on, more first-hand.
Vasil Avatar
Posted: 06.12.09, 12:40 PM
Correct me I am wrong, but during the presentation I didn't hear exactly what needs to be done, so California can set higher educational standards for other US states. Arne Duncan's inspirational speech calls for rewarding great teachers, creating more opportunities for disadvantaged youth and for prolonging school hours. All of this is great, but is there is a specific plan on how all of this will be achieved. Ali Abassi has a valid point underlining the low initiative of the schools and universities to reform. If federal government chooses to significantly fund education it needs to provide specific guidelines on how money should be spent. Without a proper supervision and transparency the money will be well wasted.
Ali Abassi Avatar
Ali Abassi
Posted: 06.08.09, 01:10 AM
Government programs do not work.... ever ... every cent sent to the education funds get wasted one way or an other... Public schools still haven't figured out an efficient way to manage the overload of paper work. Schools are not innovative simply because they are guaranteed students each year. There are many many many internal issues the department of education needs to look at before it creates a bigger more difficult system to untangle.
manyhats Avatar
Posted: 06.05.09, 05:50 PM
I agree- the younger the better for exposure to the ideas and environments of college, so kids can have real experiences to relate to the word "college."
ladyfox14 Avatar
Posted: 06.05.09, 05:17 PM
Having 'longer school hours' is probably good in overall but it shouldn't be obligatory. When I was in school, I needed as many hours after school as possible to play sports and do all the homework the teachers piled up on us and eat and sleep. A friend of mine who teaches at a lower end public school told me how some kids get attached to their teachers and try to stay after school as long as possible because they don't have anywhere else to go due to abusive parents, absent parents, etc. Longer after school hours would benefit these kids searching for a better life. And kudos to field trips to colleges in the 6th grade. Better to prep your kid up as early as possible which is why Asian parents make their kids study for the SATs in the 6th grade. Even though it may be a bit harsh, look at the results.
Allison Avatar
Posted: 06.05.09, 01:58 PM
Secretary Duncan makes an awful lot of suggestions in this clip - based on the cavalier way he rattles them off, how are we to believe that these ideas will ever become reality?
triforcelink Avatar
Posted: 06.05.09, 12:31 AM
yea, should first start with making sure that the time they have now is well spent, and not just give them more time to be miserable.
brayfield Avatar
Posted: 06.04.09, 03:08 PM
So long as it's time well-spent. No kid wants to be locked into doing anything. They just want to learn.