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Adam Gopnik and Steven Pinker Debate Darwin

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Previous FORAtv comments:
Polesch Avatar
Posted: 02.07.11, 08:52 AM
"The survival of the fittest." is a bad translation of Darwin's phrase "The survival of the organism most prone to adapt."
Dmitry76 Avatar
Posted: 09.19.10, 05:09 AM
In WW2 T-34 outnumbered more sophisticated Tiger tanks. Sometimes not the quality what is matter but number.
njames029 Avatar
Posted: 09.17.10, 11:04 PM
I can listen to Pinker ramble on for hours, the same is definitely not true for Gopnik! Boring..
njames029 Avatar
Posted: 09.17.10, 10:58 PM
@Saltwater2 I disagree.. [begin argument]
inflatekill Avatar
Posted: 08.11.10, 08:52 PM
pretentious rambler protecting the same
inflatekill Avatar
Posted: 08.11.10, 08:50 PM
Half way in I just skipped past all Gopnick chunks. Pinker drove straight into his verb tornado and stood steadily on his feet staring into the storm's eye, responding calmly: the civilized man of today must always judge the individual on his merits, but accept the that group differences exist. Between men and women, black and white, and on and on. Neuroscience isn't on the Gopnik-leftist's side, and within the next 2 decades it wont be possible to claim that race is a human fabrication. Pinker knows this.
chawil Avatar
Posted: 07.27.10, 11:36 AM
'Survival of the fittest' means the individuals (phenotypes) who 'fit in', i.e. who can cope best with prevailing conditions. It certaily doesn't imply survival of the strongest. We are one of the weakest, slowest animals on earth but we now easily dominate species much stronger and faster. Another thing to remember is that all species, including homo sapiens, are temporary. Our existence as individuals and as a species is limited. At some time in the future the conditions on the earth will change and we will disappear. In a couple of hundred million years you'll never know we were here.
Magnium Avatar
Posted: 07.20.10, 02:09 PM
In Q3, did I correctly infer that Gopnik was mocking Steven when he said that the question is easy, so he'll let Pinker answer It? And why he always tries to find areas of disagreement with Pinker? Does anyone know what do they disagree on?
Dmitry76 Avatar
Posted: 07.19.10, 12:13 AM
"This preservation, during the battle for life, of varieties which possess any advantage in structure, constitution, or instinct, I have called Natural Selection; and Mr. Herbert Spencer has well expressed the same idea by the Survival of the Fittest. The term "natural selection" is in some respects a bad one, as it seems to imply conscious choice; but this will be disregarded after a little familiarity". Darwin
Dmitry76 Avatar
Posted: 07.18.10, 11:56 PM
"Survival of the fittest" doesn't imply the superiority of the white or black. It implies the superiority of the "fittest".

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