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A Closer Look at Personal Genomic Testing

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Commonwealth Club of California

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BlueBerry Pick'n Avatar
BlueBerry Pick'n
Posted: 07.30.09, 08:25 AM
so after you've catalogued the genetic data from citizens & mapped the genome who is responsible for the research that is fucked up but rolled out to the World? or who ' owns ' their own DNA after some company has copyright protected some snippets or 'adaptations'? if someone is catalogued in your Family... & the cops want to ' investigate '... you aren't entitled to the privacy of your own DNA? you'll bitch about your personal fingerprints... but not global warrant-less wiretapping or the cataloguing of DNA that will identify your progeny for generations? You think you've got problems with Health Insurance providers writing you off for PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS now??? ... you gotta wake up: people are going to get hired based on DNA scanning & healthcare conditions in the Future... this is bullshit: privacy is privacy . what is HIP & comfortable this year, is NOT something you can GIVE AWAY to the next generation, now is it? Its not a *tattoo*: its the Future of our entire BIOSPHERE & these people are playing with it like making arts & crafts Summer Camp projects out of macaroni & SillyPutty Spread Love, ... BlueBerry Pick'n can be found @ The Jeff Farias Show streams FREE & LIVE Mon-Fri, 6-9pmEDT "We, two, form a Multitude " - Ovid. " Violence can only be concealed by a Lie, & the Lie can only be maintained by Violence. " ... " Any man, who has once proclaimed Violence as his Method, is inevitably forced to take the Lie as his Principle " – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. " - Voltaire ~~~ " Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced "

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