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Silver into Gold: Mary Furlong on Marketing to the Aged

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Previous FORAtv comments:
Posted: 04.03.10, 03:13 PM
Joanna, You have hit the nail squarely on the head; The complete convergence of democracy & capitalism dictates that the corporation must extract all possible monies from the middle-aged, BE|FOR|E they have a chance to spend it on something non-profit generating or god forbid, salt it away to squander on their kids/grand-children [as granted via thier will and/or estates]. The oligarchy mandates that we create the illusion of looking after our aging populations, so as to be able to extract their wealth directly from under their collective noses.
Joanna Avatar
Posted: 11.11.09, 07:10 PM
What I find most dissapointing about the comments on this page is how much we have lost in terms of a society. We have turned into a culture that views one another, not out of compassion, but only for the purpose of profit. If you use this meter to judge your elders, how much more will you become the focus of profit in your own children's cost benefit analysis?
Bob B Avatar
Bob B
Posted: 06.26.09, 01:15 PM
I thought that Furlong was amazing in providing overview of the Baby Boomers' market as well as identifying their needs and presenting opportunities for potential businesses. Medical tourism - what a great idea! I can definitely see aged population, for whom loneliness is often an issue, traveling for medical purposes and socializing with each other at the same time. Likewise, it's always a good idea develop elderly social networks online, were users are able to discuss their health issues, chat with doctors and stay in touch with the real world from their PCs.
Vasil Avatar
Posted: 06.26.09, 01:00 AM
@diogenestoo That's exactly why marketers should take advatage of this golden opportunity while baby boomers are still rich.
diogenestoo Avatar
Posted: 06.22.09, 07:11 PM
Such regurgitated drivel! Furlong doesn't have an original idea in her head. Pray tell what happens when this aged market won't have Social Security, Medicare, or much of a 401K? This silver will turn into lead.
ladyfox14 Avatar
Posted: 06.22.09, 11:43 AM
I am not surprised that people are gearing future projects towards the elderly community. As we get older, we will have more advancements in technology which will enable us to live longer and healthier. I personally would feel bad about taking money from grandmothers/grandfathers but if it is for a good cause, then receiving money from the elderly isn't so bad because you are helping them.
tsmitheugene503 Avatar
Posted: 06.18.09, 12:47 PM
It is not surprising to me that diabetes will be a huge market in the near future. Our obesity problem has yet to slow down. I really like her organization because I personally have family members that are very behind on the internet and computer circuit and it's nice to know that there is a group that is reaching out to those people. I think without at least a basic knowledge of the internet it is really difficult to be involved in current topics and events.