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Christopher Buckley In Conversation with Calvin Trillin

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Bashful320 Avatar
Posted: 06.10.09, 01:42 PM
Mr. Buckley has also written other fabulous books that I would suggest reading like Little Green Men, about the government and UFO sightings as well as The White House Mess. I like the way he talked about his making up of his autobiography in his books, it makes you think about how often authors totally make them up.
manyhats Avatar
Posted: 06.05.09, 06:24 PM
Awesome. Much appreciated Mr. Buckley, mixing things up a bit with some humor.
lisbartlett Avatar
lisbartlett +
Posted: 06.02.09, 05:39 PM
Ah thanks for pointing that out. Now it's fixed.
Copper Smith Avatar
Copper Smith
Posted: 06.01.09, 07:50 AM
There seems to be a glitch here: the captions for each segment don't match the topic. Is there more?

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