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Steve Ballmer: Opportunities in Difficult Times

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thepian Avatar
Posted: 12.01.09, 08:08 AM
All I think of when seeing him is 'Developers, Developers, Developers' I doubt I will ever gain respect for the guy
iravi Avatar
Posted: 10.24.09, 02:57 PM
it really added a block to my platform, helping where to Focus my head-lamps, and little bit of unrealized perspective.
nickweston Avatar
Posted: 09.23.09, 06:43 PM
Hmmm...MIcrosoft surface? Where do I buy that? Let me check MIcrosoft's website: Currently Microsoft Surface is not available for individual consumer purchase. Microsoft Surface is being marketed and sold to large-scale leisure, ...blah blah Well there you have it. Not a true product. Can you imagine what Apple could do if it had Microsoft's budget? I think the record is pretty clear, Microsoft has a history of following and copying other's breakthroughs and are generally weak at doing it (see "Zune points" or "Vista").
Yavanna Avatar
Posted: 08.15.09, 04:59 AM
Theres also one of his talks on TED - he seems a really nice humble happy guy and gives very interesting and entertaining talks. Best wishes Steve
expectoblogonum Avatar
Posted: 08.12.09, 03:21 PM
this guy is scary.....
expectoblogonum Avatar
Posted: 08.12.09, 03:21 PM
I find this guy very superficial and scary... Gates seems to be in control when he does a speech.
Bashful320 Avatar
Posted: 07.15.09, 12:15 PM
I checked out Bing and although it has a visual appeal, it has no chance against Google. I read now that Bing and Twitter are teaming up to display real time results, which may improve its chances....or not:
aeroseth Avatar
Posted: 07.08.09, 10:35 PM
So true, what's next is Steve going to start refering to failed Microsoft products as "Hobbies"?
Linux Avatar
Posted: 07.02.09, 03:15 AM
Words cannot describe the stupidity of this man
samtheman Avatar
Posted: 06.25.09, 04:02 PM
Hilarious! "Mircrosoft is like a startup"? What world do they live in? The term startup is supposed to signify a company that is still in its initial phase of developing and growing their product. It includes a 1-20+/- person company and about 1-3 years old. That's why they are called "start" "ups." Once you grow to about 50 people, you're a legit company and not really a startup, no matter how much you would like to think so. Everybody grows up eventually. You can't be a startup forever. (Keep living the Peter Pan dream.) Microsoft is saying they are a 'startup' because they don't always have the resources to expend money and energy into some possible feature/product. BS. Yahoo, Microsoft, and Apple are the top leading companies and have plenty of money to invest in their company as well as acquire other companies as well. Microsoft cannot always expect to be on top of everything but they shouldn't blame their lack of products due to 'being a startup.'

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