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Human Rights Media Advocacy and Leadership

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Mark Sullivan Avatar
Mark Sullivan
Posted: 01.03.10, 12:32 PM
Has Human Rights Watch ever investigated the deliberate targeting of civilians by launching rockets into civilian communities by Hamas from schools, hospitals, mosques within Gaza? It is quite simple - stop launching rockets at civilians in Israel, end terror and none of these counter attacks and retaliatory incursions into Gaza would ever occur. These self annointed "human rights" organizations have no moral authority.
Rdallas1 Avatar
Posted: 06.18.09, 12:15 PM
Of course they do, its a "googlely world". Thank you Jeff Jarvis for that
pokerandwine Avatar
Posted: 06.05.09, 03:07 PM
I wonder how does Google’s presentation fit into overall theme of human rights? It is amazing how they are able to show up everywhere and promote their innovative tools which will help public understand their 700$ electricity bills and make Google lots of money on the way.

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