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Animating Human Rights: Games, Animation and Multimedia

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Roopa Avatar
Posted: 02.25.10, 03:56 AM
NVIDIA's Developer Technology Head Ashu Rege is coming to Bangalore this February at India Game Developer Summit (gamedevelopersummit dot com) to speak on GPU Computing and Stereo 3D.
samtheman Avatar
Posted: 06.05.09, 02:57 PM
Isn't that what being a detainee in second life is supposed to depict? I don't think they're allowed to reproduce certain graphical things but this is supposed to help people get a better feel for the situation. And as for protecting the unprotected, I agree but it would also help if more of the real media was actually shown to the public and not just the edited clips they want us to see.
tony zambos Avatar
tony zambos
Posted: 05.19.09, 08:03 AM
i don't see the part where the pre detained are in the fields doing their bit to get caught....wearing their little black hoodies, whooping up on some women and children, yes, oh yes, we were bad people to have torture chambers in g base. But, can you please show me the outrage, the press release, your news releases on the brutal, or is it humane treatment of individuals that these folks do in the name of religious rights and therefore forgiven? cutting off of heads with no trial, killing of men and women for no reason, flogging ten, eleven year olds for not wandting to be married to forty-five year olds....wheres the outrage? press releases, news footage, you tube blogs.......amazing......politics, keep in front of the camera....come on, protect the unprotected.....

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