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New Green Building Practices in China

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Debra Pessein Avatar
Debra Pessein
Posted: 08.24.09, 09:34 PM
When I first arrived in view of the metropolis I am looking out, and down from a window hovering above. The room I am in is dark, and I am alone. Looking out and down, I see that this city is unlike any city I have ever seen before: all the structures seem to circle in towards the center- it is huge, expansive, intricately embroidered with technical diversity; architecturally abstruse the buildings are opaque extending to odd heights and angles- not unlike crystal formation. Out from the center the architecture starts to blend into buildings of mason, stone, and steel. As I look closer I notice long white cylinder trains spiral in and out from the city center. I move away from the window, to try now to adjust my vision to grasp this darkened room. I move with my hands sweeping the area in front of me, trying to feel something, arriving with my palms flat on a wall- that echoes ever so faintly with the rhythm of motion. I follow the feel of the smooth wall until I arrive back once again at the window. I look out and find that in my absence we had gained elevation. I could now see that the city was in fact circular- with a diameter approximately ten miles across. The entire inner city is environed by a garden/green belt maybe one mile wide. In this green belt I can see pebbled pathways, sculpted gardens, and courtyards full of activity, with the faint details of people in motion throughout. The trains continue to spiral outwards/inwards. We gain more elevation, I can now see for miles. Out from this green belt, is the agricultural belt, it is by far the largest area of the whole- approximately twenty miles wide- extending the entire perimeter of the metropolis. Lakes and streams are in abundance. I can see greenhouses, open farmlands, grain and orchard, other areas I see cattle grazing, horses, and other livestock. The trains continue their spiral inwards/outwards towards the last perimeter of thewhole- the entire perimeter is environed by brick buildings, some up to ten stories high. Beyond this outer structure- the perimeter that encloses the metropolis within- there are the natural landscapes. I imagine for a moment the wealth and pride each member of this society must enjoy as they look out their windows each and every day, and there is something inside me that yearns for our return. Beyond this city, heading off through natural landscapes, I see the faint detail of trains heading out towards other circular cites in the distance, and beyond.
Vasil Avatar
Posted: 06.11.09, 01:37 PM
I apologize for wrong link on the my previous comment. Here's the right one
Vasil Avatar
Posted: 06.11.09, 01:31 PM
Below is one of the most recent San Francisco's sustainable projects - California's Academy of Sciences Just been there last week - it's amazing! On Thursday night they have a DJ and wine
pokerandwine Avatar
Posted: 06.10.09, 02:35 PM
Although US is ahead of the planet in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental design) construction, the most ambitious green buildings are being planned in Shanghai and Dubai. Just recently I came across an promising design of sustainable city block in Dallas, TX Does anybody have any info on other on the sustainable projects here in US?
Vasil Avatar
Posted: 06.10.09, 12:13 PM
President Obama’s initiative promoting green sustainable development finally echoed in China. Boasting to become a second tallest building in the world, Shanghai Tower project looks amazing, especially taken into consideration huge reductions in energy and water consumption it provides. The question is whether it will get enough funding from Chinese government and investors while world’s economy still in ruins. There are numerous examples of ambitious projects that fell victims of the global economic crises. Here's a few examples below