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Uncommon Knowledge: Steven Hayward

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Carlomagno Avatar
Posted: 11.18.10, 05:15 PM
Pretty much every claim put forward by Steven Hayward has been rebutted. A good selection can be found at .
Annie Avatar
Posted: 06.28.09, 01:28 PM
It makes sense what Hayward and Vasil state: The arc of Industrial growth has effects on Planet Earth so we need to put this into BETTER perspective: look at Third World countries (esp. China and India) entrance into industrialization and also look at if you are barely surviving, where does environmental concerns fit in.
theoriginaldrifter Avatar
Posted: 06.26.09, 06:31 PM
Sure, the environment recovers but he has to realize that because it's not nature vs. nature but more, nature vs. humans, therefore, the environment cannot possibly recover fast enough to counteract all of our harmful doings.
nathanoj Avatar
Posted: 06.14.09, 07:06 PM
The argument put forward by Mr. Hayward that the environment recovers and therefore we should be less concerned is the worst I've ever heard. Imagine if we said the same thing about the Holocaust, or the bombing of Hiroshima, or any number of other disasters. Also pointing out things that recover as an argument, while specifically avoiding things that don't recover, and indeed cannot recover (extinct species, for example) is no argument at all. It's pretty much feel good stupidity. Please, learn how to think Mr. Hayward.
Vasil Avatar
Posted: 06.12.09, 01:58 PM
Steven Hayward's research at some point confirms and supports and interesting observation made by many scholars working in various fields. Majority of people do not care about tomorrow unless they're happy today. No wonder that during the economic recession in the US environmentalists are losing their grounds according to the polls presented by Hayward. Foreign policy's recent survey among 1000 people in US ( ) shows that even those who're more aware and educated on climate change issues “trust scientists will develop emission-less vehicles and things that are going to reduce the carbon footprint of humanity.” What about those third world countries and developing countries for whom industrialization is the most credible solution to escape poverty? As long as the poverty rates will remain persistent nobody would care about global warming. What would you prefer dying of hunger today or maybe dying from global worming sometime in the future? Therefore problem of global worming has yet to become truly global.
MichaelAnderson Avatar
Posted: 05.20.09, 01:35 PM
What happens if the global warming crowd turns out to be even somewhat correct? The arguments on both sides have merit but at the end of the day it comes down to this; do we take the cautious approach and begin to take action now or do we choose to ignore these issues and continue as we are? Most modern societies (with a few exceptions) do not possess the political will to take the long view and make appropriate adjustments, and that is the core of the problem here. Is humanity capable of making the right choices for a future they will never experience?
charvakan Avatar
Posted: 05.20.09, 09:02 AM The man makes some valid points, and Al Gore has made himself into an inviting target. But I don't think Hayward is addressing the real issue, which is what to do about climate change to minimize the impact on human beings. He just assumes it's either not real or will go away without anyone doing anything. Is that realistic?
Terry Pullen Avatar
Terry Pullen
Posted: 05.20.09, 06:47 AM
Elaria21, I understand your shock. How earth shattering it is to someone as intelligent as yourself even just to be exposed to such ignorant drivel. Please accept my deepest personal apology for this affront. As for Mr. Hayward, he must be flogged! Elaria21 I beg of you to please have pity on those uncaring, arrogant and ignorant of us who do not poses your vast intellect and empathy for the planet. Please, so that we may go forth and spread the word, take this moment to educate the ignorant few and hand down to us just one little fact that refutes Mr. Hayward's argument. Please... just one.
jcm87 Avatar
Posted: 05.19.09, 11:05 AM
Ah, yes, the herd of independent minds grows daily and will crush those of us who find rational discussion of value. What an insulting, arrogant twit you are, Elaria21, to suggest that others might not value nature, the environment, earth as you do. "Our only home", indeed. Fortunately, developing technologies mean that we will soon be able to colonize other planets and launch the likes of you into orbit. The sooner the better.
Elaria21 Avatar
Posted: 05.19.09, 10:00 AM
It is one of the most ignorant, arrogant, and irresponsible talk I ever heard! Fortunately, these individuals are outnumbered by people who are much more knowledgeable and treasure our planet – our only home!