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Great Issues Forum: Power of Education

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sebasheredia Avatar
Posted: 05.25.09, 01:39 AM
Yeah, indeed skroot. As a personal experience i can tell you of my being learning from, youtube. For example, in youtuve i found complete classes of econometrics.
skroot Avatar
Posted: 05.11.09, 01:00 PM
As much as this video was interesting and relevant to me, as a non-ivy-league college student -- I feel it only touched briefly on the largest medium that is transforming the way people of the world are becoming educated: the Internet. Taking, for quick example, something like Wikipedia, or like itself -- I'd argue that you can learn more than you ever could without stepping foot in a classroom. I think universities are slow to realise that the current system is becoming outdated, and replaced by universal knowledge mediums that exist outside of expensive textbooks and curricula.

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