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World Bank Praxis Discussion Series: Energy

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farmerjoe Avatar
farmerjoe +
Posted: 07.21.09, 12:41 AM
CCS works, we have been doing it in the EnCana Weyburn (Saskatchewan Canada) oilfield since 2000 using CO2 pipeliofit to aned in from a coal gasification plant in Beulah North Dakota (USA) built in 1984. The injected CO2 helps improve oil recovery rates. A post combustion carbon capture plant will soon be under construction in Estevan Saskatchewan as a retrn existing coal fired power station. The fact that CO2 has become so valuable to the oil production industry in Saskatchewan and North Dakota has been the most important factor in the development of CCS technology.
Rdallas1 Avatar
Posted: 07.09.09, 11:56 AM
When watching this video and him mentioning how coconut oil could be used as a form of bio-mass energy, it got me thinking about what other natural products can be used. I found this article that's pretty interesting and I thought I'd share:
Gabriel Michas Avatar
Gabriel Michas
Posted: 07.09.09, 03:43 AM
If I am listening this kind of optimism from such a high level executive institution, how am I going to ask from a scientific community to find a solution and to innovate in such a global reference issue? Is really the question for how we can gather back to Earth CO2 emissions? Or how we can help the forests doing this by natural way for example? Timing modeling projections with these two alternatives would be so difficult to project the right decision? We need more political will on this? NASA has made such a progress to space weathering, we have so much detail data for Mars that is suffering from CO2 , we have so much good monitoring environmental systems for our Earth, and so many breathtaking good scientists, and the World Bank came to this point conclusion? You expecting me to believe that the today G8 climate agreement which (very right) using the temperature index as target to be accomplished is in alignment with the official World Bank to this kind of optimism expression? If we have always to take a consideration in a narrow minded approaches, we will always going to view oil companies and consumption societies as enemies, but here in this information explosion world, we have all the modeling projections to seat down and open the solution fields from so many various disciplines and alternative scientific fields, to promote and agree in a sustainable climate protection plan. Forgive me for the tone of this message, but this is it, as it is in such a reality we are living right now. Thank you Gabriel

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