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Uncommon Knowledge: John Howard

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TreeLuvBurdpu Avatar
Posted: 05.14.09, 12:41 AM
Well it is interesting that he is admitting unabashedly that Australia benefits from stability provided by the US. As opposed to France, Belgium and Germany, who benefit but deny that it is a benefit. I think government sponsored terrorist attacks are sufficient cause to act in ones self defense. He makes the point, and I think it must be considered, that at the time these decisions were made the question was one of when the next attack would come. With a few years distance it seems like we were panicking, but if widespread attacks were to happen again I think we would be asking why the government is not protecting us. Why they are not doing more. Let us hope we don't need such a practical demonstration to resolve these disputes of a realistic plan of action in such cases.
josealonsoleon Avatar
Posted: 05.05.09, 05:21 AM
How can one take this man seriously when he is admittedly a US puppet. He does not believe that Iraq was involved in the 911 attacks but he does believe Iraq could be involved in future terrorist attacks. So now on the belief that a nation can or could be involved in terrorist attacks this is sufficient to warrant this nations invasion and unlawful occupation. What a great concept of democracy and liberty for all. This makes me sick just to listen to this man. And its always in the best interest of Australia to support America because after all they are the guarantor of peace and security. Another statement that makes me want to vomit. Does this mean that this imbecile is willing to support America even when America is involved in war crimes? But of course, and he has demonstrated this more then once.