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Michael Bloomberg's Transformation

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rspawn Avatar
Posted: 10.03.09, 08:30 AM
Why is it that when a right-wing leader seeks to extend term limits, as Bloomberg did in 2008, as Uribe recently did again (after succeeding to do just that previously), there's hardly a peep about in in the media - but when a left-wing leader does the same, the whole world is up in arms about it (Chavez) - even going so far as to de facto supporting the overthrow of such a leader (Zelaya)?
mavallarino Avatar
Posted: 07.10.09, 02:33 AM
If the US population thought about ways to create value and wealth instead of chasing it and/or only talking about it, maybe the US and politics would be in a better position. If you don't like Bloomberg then why do so many people in this world use his products and services? If you don't like and/or agree with Bloomberg then why don't you compete with him in the marketplace? The USA are missing some fundamental values.
nextprevious Avatar
Posted: 06.08.09, 03:22 PM
Good point, America does seem to think differently about rich people now when compared to few years ago.