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Call of the Killer Whale: Jean-Michel Cousteau

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publicrelationskvie Avatar
Posted: 07.01.09, 01:55 PM
If you want to see a detailed video of what fish farming does and what it's like then watch this video. It's a fish farm of the coast of hawaii:
Sigmant Avatar
Posted: 06.04.09, 08:46 PM
One should look closer at Jean Michel's comments about fish farming. He says it's "absurd" to farm a carnivore like salmon and we should aim toward not transporting salmon by air and also striving to sell it fresh. (he neglects to mention that globally, salmon farming only uses 20% of the world's fish meal - the rest is used by chickens, pigs, other fish species, dogs and cats) Hmmmm, but he actively promotes Alaska salmon - he pretends they're wild. 1 in 3 Alaska salmon are grown for human consumption (that's farming) by hatchery raising and releasing into the ocean to compete for food. They call it salmon ranching. 90% of Alaska salmon is flown into the US and sold 'previously frozen'. Seems like a double standard here. So, there can only be two reasons for this. He hasn't done his homework and doesn't know what he's talking about or he is paid to slander one industry and promote another. Either choice means this Cousteau ain't credible like the last one.
lisbartlett Avatar
lisbartlett +
Posted: 05.05.09, 04:38 PM
Yeah Jean-Michel! He is the perfect person in 2009 to really bring alive the effort to save our oceans.

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