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Empowering Internet Users: Two Ideas to Reshape Broadband

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Piko Avatar
Posted: 08.31.09, 09:18 AM
Europe has better speeds much like Japan and South Korea as in they are based over a smaller land mass, its more affordable to roll it out. Australia, where I am, are lucky I guess, fibre to the premises was an awesome decision by the current government, and it will allow us full 1080p replays of TV programs here in oz, but it seems we won't have much US content up to that level! There will be many other benefits believe me! It was partially a GFC responding stimulus plan as an excuse to outlay a huge amount on getting this required infrastructure built. As for Dereks movement around the stage, I have no issue with that, it was the camera work and wasted microphone on stage that could have been handed around for questions that made me giggle. Though to be honest, I'm thankful they went to the effort to record it and have it posted here. It's interesting to compare a country with a similar land mass to Australia and their broadband issues to ours here in Australia, and believe me, our current situations are vastly different, we basically have a copper network 100% owned by a previously public company that the government privatised into a big monolithic money hungry beast that attempts to hold the government to ransom, known as Telstra. We have many resellers that pay to use this copper network at wholesale rates, and have their own DSLAMS (an incorrect but simple explanation of a DSLAM is these are broadband switches as opposed to a phone switch)in the various phone exchanges (network hubs) in areas they decide to put them. Telstra (who own the exchanges) on the other hand would only put DSLAMS in phone exchanges surrounded by a large populace. Furthermore, they would only put DSLAMS in other communities if one of the many competition did. Anywhere competition went, they would, otherwise you had no ADSL. We have over 100 companies offering broadband here, though most service the same areas, reselling the same existing services. With this problem, the only real way we were going to get this optic fibre network built and provided at a competitive rate was if the government built the network, then leased it to resellers. There is more available funding from corporate US for their network to be built, though the government may wish to rid of the existing copper duopoly situation that was mentioned and force reselling of any built fibre networks! This won't happen if the government bow to corporate pressure I expect.
theoriginaldrifter Avatar
Posted: 07.01.09, 05:29 PM
So, how is it that Europe has amazingly better internet speed than we do? It's pretty mind boggling.
pokerandwine Avatar
Posted: 06.05.09, 12:47 PM
Absolutely loved the introduction. “Derek is going to talk about… the broadband stuff” It reflects in a way the direction in which the whole discussion is heading. The speaker is trying to emphasize convenience of owing internet connection, which seems to be more expensive than even early adopters can afford; it will be used to empower potential users, while value of benefits over costs still unclear. Pretty sure that in the future Google will come up with a better packaging of this idea.
skroot Avatar
Posted: 05.05.09, 05:09 PM
My torrents need bigger tubes! Great message here: Give me my internet, whose infrastructure is paid for by my tax dollars, anyways! If the speaker reads this: You say "um" and "uh" alot, and you wobble alot. I got annoyed the camera was following you wobbling back and forth.
turnkit Avatar
Posted: 05.02.09, 02:05 AM
Great content to muse over. Derek, please repeat audience questions in the future. Very difficult to stay actively engaged when in the Q&A when only hearing one side of the discussion.
frnkblk Avatar
Posted: 05.01.09, 11:38 AM
As a service-provider I would love to see end-users subsidize that cost! The interface would need to be Ethernet-based as opposed to GPON, to address the CPE compatibility issue. The most practical implementation would be in new developments. Another detail that's easily forgotten are the other communication elements CATV and phone, most specifically phone. Unless you're going to use VoIP and Vadu over your broadband pipe, the home owner would need to establish a relationship with a CATV and phone provider. But if the MSO and/or LEC doesn't have an opportunity to sell broadband, they may not be interested in serving.
Trevar Avatar
Posted: 04.29.09, 05:53 PM
Drool. I would totally own my light pipe...but what to do with all that bandwidth? Lifecasting in full 1080p?
Trevar Mazza
Director of Media Production