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Verbal Judo: Diffusing Conflict Through Conversation

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donavanmccoy Avatar
Posted: 04.10.10, 11:54 AM
Pause for a moment and consider the reason for the deep wheezing. Then conisder that Doctor Thompson continues to teach to this day, even though some may find his speech characteristics intolerable, and it is a tremendous chore to simply breath and speak. I have sat through a 3 day session and a 5 day session. Doctor Thompson teaches with an overconfident air, but is in fact a very considerate and respectful man; something lacking in the overconfident style of almost every university professor I have had to listen to. Watch, practice and learn. Whoosha !
MacConnell Avatar
Posted: 08.03.09, 05:57 PM
The content was great, but I found the man's constant deep wheezing intolerable.
Vasil Avatar
Posted: 06.23.09, 03:12 PM
For an overconfident speaker, George Thompson, provides some interesting communication strategies that might actually work. I particularly enjoyed his "paraphrasing" technique dealing with people who like to yell out their arguments. Cannot wait to test the phrase:"Let me see that I understand you" on some of my angry friends

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