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Uber Entrepreneur: An Evening with Elon Musk

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Previous FORAtv comments:
jamestiberias Avatar
Posted: 01.15.11, 12:33 PM
Great interview. Soft spoken perhaps, but plenty of information here for those that would listen.
Posted: 07.01.10, 09:30 PM
PS, it's 13 letters...
Posted: 07.01.10, 09:27 PM
A ceo?...
Carol Moore Avatar
Carol Moore
Posted: 07.01.10, 01:47 PM
In the Tesla car will people be protected from radiation. Is this something that is checked since it will be electromagnetic-chemical beings in the car? Tesla was taken advantage of which is sad. Wishing your battery operated car much success, and may great advancement be made in it. We are being irradiated on earth in many ways without going to space yet. I think if we are to go to Mars we have to acknowledge EMRadiation, and get out of the lab and go to where the problems are concerning radiation to understand it better, and know how to protect living things from it. Very interesting with what was talked about, and so varied. Today though living on $1.00 a day would be very difficult, as one orange usually cost $1.00. Thank you for sharing Elon Musk. Please advise Mr. Malone to at least use a computer pad as he is cooking his personal area it seems, and being badly irradiated, and radiation is cumulative.
Posted: 11.08.09, 05:19 PM
This was excellent. Elon is a class act with a wonderful array of energy flowing around him. Other entrepreneurs should be appreciative of his successes and his ability to maintain such a humble character. Elon's passion is engineering, not speaking publicly. Nevertheless, this interview was still a real delight to watch. Thanks Churchill Club.
back_ache Avatar
Posted: 07.01.09, 07:46 AM
I don't mind he not a smooth talker, he's a man comes accross as a man of action not of spin, I also liked that he didn't dumb his answers
rkm Avatar
Posted: 06.04.09, 06:54 AM
This is analogous to the Kennedy-Nixon debate in the sense that Wagoner deals with the media constantly and Musk... well he has some communication skills to improve upon. But let us look at this a different way. Wagoner was a Harvard grad in Economics, a financial analyst at GM and now GM CEO. GM has lost billions and billions under Wagoner's leadership. He walks away with millions of dollars while his average worker gets tossed under the bus (probably made by GM). Elon Musk on the other hand, is a Physics and Economics major from U Penn and Stanford. He is the founder of at least a couple of technology oriented startups before Tesla. I have to say that an hour of Musk's stumbling conversation is worth more than ten minutes of Wagoner's smooth talking. Another way to look at this is that GM will build something out of what is already being produced, yet Tesla is starting from scratch...
RB_88 Avatar
Posted: 05.16.09, 08:17 PM
I must agree with jay here. This was an hour long advertisement for tesla, followed by a hokey, over-done ask-answer with the moderator. Musk is brilliant for sure, but the very little of any real value was covered - save for some of the questions (and Musk's answers) near the end. One of the gems: "Why is multi-planetary life important?" Musk's answer - paraphrased: "Well it shouldn't command less money than cosmetics right?"
Posted: 05.14.09, 10:01 AM
how can you possibly think that nothing was said during this interview.
jay doublyou Avatar
jay doublyou
Posted: 05.10.09, 05:54 PM
i hope Musk's cars get more mileage than his conversation ability. nothing said in the whole video.

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