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NewsHour with Legendary Journalist Jim Lehrer

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L. Hill Avatar
L. Hill
Posted: 04.13.09, 01:07 PM
I can't imagine that in his early carreer, he was willing to share sources or story ideas. Now that he is "wiser", he feels that a new media can work with no competition. With so many mega-egos in that industry, the most important story that ever was told and ever will be told is the story of "ME". Besides the economics involved, the self interests, and the corporate politics, the media is slower than most entities, including the federal government, in embracing change. A perfect example is the network flagship 6:30 evening news broadcast. It has been a white elephant for at least the past decade, yet, the networks still dump an extraordinary amount of cash and recources into the time slot. The nets would be better served and better able to serve by eliminating the celebrity anchor mentality and redirect the cash to cable or internet outlets or other new technologies. Jim, it will never occur until the news outlets are completely reinvented. Reinvented by all new blood.
danthemango Avatar
Posted: 04.13.09, 03:45 AM
has he ever heard of