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Google's Vic Gundotra: Mobile Phones as Answer Machines

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techxplorer Avatar
Posted: 08.09.09, 05:43 AM
Hearing the story about Tiger and the answer machine is one of the factors that has made me become more interested in the mobile market. It makes me wonder what advances we'll see in the mobile space in the future, when those who have grown up with the technology take it to the next level and beyond.
theoriginaldrifter Avatar
Posted: 07.01.09, 05:38 PM
If I had to choose, I would also choose to work at Google rather than Microsoft. Microsoft are slow to adopt new technologies, which explains why Apple is ahead of the pack. Most of the Microsoft programs have a pretty horrendous UI, which could easily be changed to make everyone's lives more pleasant. But they are stuck in their ways and so, we will not see any major changes anytime soon. Google is a booming force that is only getting bigger and stronger. It's hard to imagine where they will be five/ten years from now. Microsoft, on the other hand, will probably not change much, which is sad.

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