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Will Wright on Spore, SimCity, and the Sims

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TheAks999 Avatar
Posted: 04.29.10, 12:13 AM
Wow, the language he uses (like "Solution set" and whatnot) has made me realize exactly how much his roots in software development are and how deep I've gotten into it.
John Johnson Avatar
John Johnson
Posted: 09.07.09, 02:45 AM
I never fail to be awed by Wright's broad and complex grasp of gaming and it's cultural and anthropological implications, this video is fascinating on many levels.
adambl Avatar
Posted: 04.20.09, 10:18 AM
Really interesting point. Never thought of it in terms of bandwidth before.
TreeLuvBurdpu Avatar
Posted: 04.20.09, 12:16 AM
The Wii controller has high bandwidth at the biggest bottleneck, the human/machine interface. For decades this area has been ruled by the button. Even advanced web design often looks like a collection of buttons that you can click. Buttons are great. I still remember being a child when buttons started appearing everywhere, phones, stereos, tv's, and we were no longer so excited to press the one in the elevator. But I have become a slave to buttons. My professional and social life can be expressed as a series of keystrokes and button clicks. The Wii controller and iPhone and Android improvements to UI are not minor revisions, and they do not come a moment too soon.

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