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Losing Religion: William Lobdell

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Previous FORAtv comments:
intellectual Avatar
Posted: 06.18.11, 11:25 PM
This guy does seem very naive
Can you think? Avatar
Can you think?
Posted: 05.08.11, 06:04 AM
P.S. Apologize for christians who project there must be sin in your life, lack of faith, whatever (religious piety, self-righteous). My dealings with the majority of christians is behave more like warlocks/witches, anti-christ behavior and their lack of love, mercy and compassion. They talk, talking and living are two different items. Anyone see "Jesus Save Us From Your Follower by Dan Merchant"? I love God and I love Jesus but are you/we/I behaving Christian=fruit! Thompson Chain Study Bible is a great Bible, get one (even though $100 plus you can find for $40.00 plus, look at the Study Guide, it's awesome-be grounded in the Bible and have a relationship, not RELIGION)! Didn't drink the kool-aid...
Can you think? Avatar
Can you think?
Posted: 05.08.11, 05:55 AM
William: Excellent for doing the video, thank you. The world lost a great religion writer, one of the best. You should have gotten Pulitzer Prize for 9/19-20/04 article in L.A. Times on TBN. Also, excellent "Onward Christian Soldier". melimcn=Graham Cooke message about the Life of Joseph, will answer that question, and it's an excellent answer to your question). Pray for supernatural divine visitation. ramoncov1=read your churches by-laws regarding women ("10 Lies That the Church tells Women by J. Lee Grady and When Women Were Priests by Karen Jo Torjesen"). What does your church do to truly help the poor, fatherless, widow, orphan, homeless, single parents and their children? How much money goes to them vs. pastoral staff's lifestyle and what own/worth? Amazing how christian are brainwashed and just give money without questioning like TBN, Benny Hinn and all those used car salesman selling up a very dead religion=there's. Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola answers it well also (habitual lying). Also, Arthur Katz and Leonard Ravenhill's written works are some of the best to keep on the straight and narrow. P.S. Regarding son's ear infections (read Linda Page's Healthy Healing Book, it's food allergies-been through it, very important read. Also contact Leigh Erin Conneally(?) her Medical Offices, specialize in hard cases (they're in Orange County). You're a great writer, more books please. Numbers 6:24 -26 Psalms 27:4
meljmcn Avatar
Posted: 07.25.10, 08:06 PM
Why do people who loose faith with the church loose faith in God? I don't understand how you cannot separate the two.
ramoncov1 Avatar
Posted: 03.03.10, 12:07 AM
Dear Mr Lobdell I tell you where is the courage whiting Cristianity, go to and you will see a man who is not like the rest. Pastor John Macarthur. Thankyou
rubilmk Avatar
Posted: 09.14.09, 11:58 PM
I also share many of your experiences. The mountian experience, with great desire trying to share the new found faith and the loss of faith on the institutional Church in the depth of the heart... I entered religious life and experienced the rotten faces of the servants of God. But the difference lies in also what happened after the ascending phase of the spiritual mountain. God set me apart before "giving" me the mission prepared me for it. You said "I thought I should be a religious writer". I don't think this has come from God. If u go through the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola, u can see the spirtual daughter warning against this same temptation. After my dissolution with the rottenness of the religious communities and Church, I rediscovered my faith. The spiritual people who are saintly had all (mother Theresa of Calcutta, Theresa of Lissuex, St. John of the cross) gone throught the experience of Dark nights. I found this period very painful and dark. But purifying me. I became more other oriented than self oriented. For people this can happen through diffferent ways. God even uses good people to help(push u through) u enter this experience. Many turn back at this point. This is what happened to you. The priest scandal and others are only secoundary causes of ur delusion of faith. Hope you will rediscover ur faith.
Dale Smith Avatar
Dale Smith
Posted: 08.27.09, 04:16 AM
I think his discussion shows that his choice toward disbelieve, as is the choice for belief, was a very personal one. It amazes me how many believers make emotional and personal attacks against those professing a lack of faith, as if we should be ashamed for seeing the world as we do and shut up about it.
EWeems1984 Avatar
Posted: 08.14.09, 03:04 AM
Not much of a scholar. Although I share the speakers disgust and horror in the face of sexual abuse, the arguments presented here for why one should consider Christianity false are rather weak. The constant reference to sound research as "five minutes on the internet" is unnerving. It looks as if he should stick to journalism rather than making a foray into the burgeoning group of apologetic-atheism....
gcuezy Avatar
Posted: 06.03.09, 11:44 PM
I haven't gotten to watch the entire video but I find it unfortunate that some of his research didn't go farther (ie saying that there was only one contemporary source for Christ etc).
Nathan Johnson Avatar
Nathan Johnson
Posted: 05.09.09, 04:37 PM
Watching this has been a large inspiration to me. I am a college student who has recently lost his faith in Christianity, and like many others I am afraid to tell the folks. I have heard so many stories from Christians about epic conversion stories, but very rarely have I been told the stories of faith lost.

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