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Jeff Halper: Countdown to Apartheid in Israel

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dzhibrish Avatar
Posted: 08.24.10, 09:57 PM
I didnt hav emuch time so i skipped to the highlights and, immediately after starting to watch the first segment called "Israeli Separation Walls: Security or Apartheid?" I noticed that he is twisting facts and most of what he says has a spin to it. for example:apartheid means "a policy of segregation and political and economic discrimination" that was enacted upon citizens of a country. The Palestinians in the west bank are not citizens of Israel, they have their own rights within the Palestinian authority and they vote and have whatever rights they wish to give themselves under their own authority. Apartheid does not mean just "seperation" but the wall means exactly that,just separation, has nothing to do with apartheid. but why separate? Let's examine his example of Tul karem,presenting it as a victim of Israeli oppression... what he forgets to mention is that Tul karem was a city who's closeness to the sharon geographical area in israel made it a perfect hub for the passage of members of different suicide and terror squads and a city in which many terror activities originated and eventually ended with many lost lives of Israeli citizens. He does not mention why the wall was built with such a huge economical price for israel...It was built as a consequence of the Palestinian second Intifada in which thousands of citizens died on both sides. Why did the intifada break? Because Sharon "dared" to step his foot on the el aksa mosque,standing on Israeli territory but is forbidden for jews to visit there. The wall was made to stop the many incursion of terrorist into israel... Lets look at the worked.. The wall itself is build partially on the armistice lines from 1947. If your gonna watch and listen to this guy make sure you check every single word he utters. Just try it...check for yourself about any of the main points he makes and see what you find...
dreckguy Avatar
Posted: 07.05.10, 08:40 AM
The things he says are just not true! Please heck out all the facts! He Just Make it all mixed and wrong.
chriscom Avatar
Posted: 06.06.10, 05:37 PM
It is obvious to me that world leaders,the UN and even Palestinian militancy are not going to end the israeli brutal occupation. The only force that can end it is the power of ordinary people around the world pressuring their leaders to act. We got a glimpse of that after the Israeli Navy's armed assault in May 2010 on the Gaza bound freedom flotilla that killed and injured many.There was global outrage.Ordinary people rose up around the world.This resulted in the Egyptian Rafah border opening up and also unlikely world leaders(like David Cameron who has declared himself a proud Zionist(google it))condemning the Israeli action. So the point is, that it is going to require people power to bring this apartheid regime down.However,for people power to happen people must become aware.My prayer is that there be more Jeff Halper coming forth to educate the world on exactly what's happening in the occupied territories. Keep up the great work Prof. Halper and long life to you Sir.
Sayed Avatar
Posted: 03.10.10, 03:07 PM
I am totally dumb-founded and i am in awe of the moral bravely and courage of this brave Israeli man. This is a totally different face of Judaism that i am looking at since i am used to looking at zionist Terrorists like Netanyahus, Baraks, Sharons and their cohorts who scream peace but are soaked in blood to their elbows in Palestinian blood. They chant peace while butchering and gassing civilians. Being a non-arab muslim and listening to this brave and proud Israeli Jew i beleive humanity will win eventuallly against the Netanyahus and Likuds of this world and one day - Inshallah (God willing) Israelis and Palestinains will live in peace in two states side by side within 1965 borders and with East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestinian state and I support it becasue this is what the Palestinians have accepted and support as their future goal for statehood. I have always morally supported the Palestinians because of the suffering that they go through daily due to Zionist occupation and then i just went on with my life since we cannnot comprehend how it is to live under occupation since we have never lived under one, but Mr. Halper just gave me an absolute new dimension of rightness of my support and again showed me a totally new face of Jews - the type of Jewish human beings that Palestinians human beings can live together with as neighbours, with mutual respect and peace- and not zionist Terrorits who:- 1) Do not respect international laws and make mockery of UN resolutions. 2) Openly defy laws of War, intentially bomb UN compounds repeatedly killing UN personal, Palestinian women and children and non-combatans knowingly. 4) Kill civilians and steal their organs to be used for Israeli patients. 5) Use Palestinin children as human sheilds. 6) violate internation borders, cross into other countries illegally, user identity theft as their means of entering those countries illigally and murder their enemies on foriegn, soverign soil but they are so out of it that they consider it a victory since Internation law doesnt mean anything to zionists. 7) And the list of barbarity goes on as you heard from this brave man in his presentation. I always wonder, how can those who themselves were gassed, murdered, tortured and treated like dirt can trun around within 50 years and do the same wickedness or worst to another set of human beings? How is that possible when they themselves were considered non humans and now they trun around within 50 years and consider another set of humans beings to be non-humans. The worst part of this is that they still have among themselves who survived that madness but dont even bother to say, hey stop, remember it happened to us and we cant let you do this to others. I am just glad that there are still honorable Jews like Mr. Halper alive and speaking while the terrorist like Ariel Sharon - the architect of Sabira and Shatilla massacares according to Israeli army - is hooked up to tubes and is brain dead, drooling in some hospital. Gods justice is slow but when it comes it comes with a vengence. I would like to quote the noble Messanger of Islam - peace be upon him and his noble family -who said, The ink of the scholar is holier than the blood of the martyr. After listening to Mr. Halper now i exactly know how strong and profound this once sentence is.
Linux Avatar
Posted: 10.03.09, 10:14 PM
this was eye opening
David Hawn Avatar
David Hawn
Posted: 06.06.09, 10:01 PM
I found this possibly the most informative and enlightening hour long video i have ever taken the time to watch on the web, and certainly on Fora as well. I was well versed in the litany of Palestinian actions, and was also aware that Israeli policies made life extremely difficult for Palestinians, but was never able to find an honest source to describe the basis for Israeli policies. Bravo Dr. Halper.

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