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Balachandran: AIG Employee Bonuses a 'Missed Opportunity'

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vcsinivasan Avatar
Posted: 07.20.09, 05:03 AM
Executive compensation and contracts are inviolate. That does not mean the compensation are excessive in light of the failure of the institutions. On the other hand the executives have a limited sell by date and looking at the current scenario most of them would be unemployed for long term and probably not get the compensation they are used to. Its very unlikely at tis point in time anybody would be sacrificing anything at all.The issue is human and much more complicated.
Terry Pullen Avatar
Terry Pullen
Posted: 03.28.09, 06:58 PM
He gives lip service to contracts but in my view the agreement between the company and the worker of a fair wage for fair work doesn't become optional after the work has been performed. Imagine a world where the contract between company and worker could be discarded at a whim. Notice how ready he is to ask someone else to lead by sacrificing their salary? He is so disappointed that leadership didn't take the opportunity to cut their pay. I wonder, when one of his students fails does he take a pay cut? Also, the idea that compensation should track stock value is a sorry over simplification of the issue of executive compensation.