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Military Power: Does it Work?

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tsmitheugene503 Avatar
Posted: 07.09.09, 12:58 PM
I agree with some points you made Darren but I don't think that was ForaTv's intent.
Darren Lund Avatar
Darren Lund
Posted: 04.10.09, 12:06 AM
This was a shockingly arrogant conversation between a bunch of unconsciously imperialist and racist commentators. Under the pretense of agonizing over failed US policies there was much discussion of the cost TO THE ALLIES. At no point did the speakers address the issue of the impact of the illegal US invasion on Iraqis and Afhganis. Should we leave? Should we escalate? The entire debate was premised on the notion that WE have the right to make this determination. Where, in this love-in for US power under the guise of actual journalism is the voice of the Aghani people? The answer is that none of your guest even mentions the views of the Afghanis. I suspect there was similar agonizing over the need for "us" as a benign power to show "them" how to buid their own country among the Soviest prior to their withdrawal in 1989. ForaTV is quickly sinking to the level of a shameful apologist for US powers. Darren Lund Toronto, ON