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David Grann: The Lost City of Z

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podrius_fawcett Avatar
Posted: 09.03.10, 07:01 PM
Grann makes three historically false statements in this interview and about forty-two in his book. Publisher has been notified.
James K. Fawcett Avatar
James K. Fawcett
Posted: 01.09.10, 07:38 PM
Good insight into the origins of the book, "The Lost City of Z." David should consider pondering the prospects that there is opposition in all things. "Z" being soul below compared to soul above, and moist, hot jungle, compared to the dry, cold ice cap. "Z" representing an underground map leading from the southern to the northern hemisphere. Finding the secret of what lies in the northern hemisphere between Africa and South America can bring a sequel to, "The Lost City of Z," and the real answer to what happened to Fawcett. Civilization living in seclusion and without war for a few thousand years would lay the foundation of a society with technology considered out of this world, when actually well...Opposition in all things. May Percy's rule be long! Only three more years and we should all know!
Trevar Avatar
Posted: 03.13.09, 11:36 AM
Thanks for the feedback bapyou. We'll work to improve the audio balance for our next interview. Best, Trevar Mazza Director of Media Production
Trevar Mazza
Director of Media Production
bapyou Avatar
Posted: 03.12.09, 11:08 PM
Did Grann even have a microphone for this discussion? Or was his voice being picked up entirely by the interviewer's mic? In terms of its sound, this interview was extremely poorly-produced. The interviewer's voice was front and center, but the interviewee's was weak and difficult to hear. Very imbalanced.
Trevar Avatar
Posted: 03.10.09, 12:45 PM
This was a fantastic discussion, you can tell Phil was really into the subject. I had a lot of fun shooting this, because I've actually traveled into the Peruvian Amazon. It's a brutal environment, but so beautiful. Can't wait to read the book!
Trevar Mazza
Director of Media Production

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