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Dr. David Bisno: Darwin, A Devil's Chaplain?

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Periergeia Avatar
Posted: 06.13.10, 01:31 PM
I really enjoyed listening to this one. I would like to know, though, what we know for certain and how much of the Fitzroy story, especially about the condition of the man, has to be filled in by the imagination of the historian storyteller. I am also not sure how much of the drama of the "What if Darwin had never gone on this journey?" speculation that seems to shine through some of the early parts of the talk I buy. We know pretty well what might have happened because Darwin only published after Albert Russel Wallace was prepared to publish very similar findings independently. Ultimately, it was only Darwin's friends who made sure that the ideas of both men got shown to the science community at the same time. Today Darwin's name is attached to what easily could bare Wallace's. And had none of the two published, someone else would have come out with the same insight a few years later.

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