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Remix: Steven Johnson, Lawrence Lessig and Shepard Fairey

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Rapid Eye Avatar
Rapid Eye
Posted: 05.14.10, 06:27 AM
Agreed. The discussion was very interesting, but that thing at the start might drive people away. First I thought my connection was broken, then I thought the video might be broken and then I realised that this was supposed to be art.
Glen Avatar
Posted: 09.10.09, 12:01 PM
I almost just shut this video off during that horrible Charlie Rose segment. It wasn't smart, and it was so annoying to my ears and eyes. Does anyone feel the same? And what a pity because the real discussion was good. That segment was awful, bad idea.
samtheman Avatar
Posted: 06.05.09, 03:56 PM
I think downloading music off the internet is wrong. The singers don't make any profit off of it whatsoever and it's just in overall bad for the music industry.
theoriginaldrifter Avatar
Posted: 06.05.09, 03:53 PM
Well, record companies are actually starting to come to terms with online downloading and are trying to both a) grasp as much money of the cd industry as possible while they still can and 2) try to switch over to the online world.
theoriginaldrifter Avatar
Posted: 06.05.09, 03:51 PM
It would have been cooler if there was music in the background.
brayfield Avatar
Posted: 03.13.09, 11:54 AM
Lessig is pessimistic and intelligent at once. We need to establish a stable philosophy. That's all there is to it.
annlandi Avatar
Posted: 03.12.09, 07:21 PM
I would be curious to know how much the artist made from the image. That seems critical to the discussion.
Berribunnyo Avatar
Posted: 03.12.09, 02:02 PM
Record companies don't seem to get it. Just because someone downloaded an album. Doesn't mean they would have purchased that artists album. So their estimated record sales lost is inflated.
Manna Avatar
Posted: 03.12.09, 10:35 AM
Wow, this is such an amazing conversation. Copyright law is in desperate need of an update and big media is just grasping at straws as the digital age comes into full bloom.
And the knot comes loose...