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Azadeh Moaveni: Honeymoon in Tehran

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Mitchell01 Avatar
Posted: 10.18.09, 07:31 PM
Azadeh, thank you for your views, it was very informative. IMHO, I believe as you stated the reason the journey for freedom by Iran people looks unusual and different may be because their freedom did not contain the baggage that we had in our journey to freedom. If we go back and look at our American history, we find that we continuously began from the wrong side of "freedom" and we had to sort of play catch up to our own constitution and beliefs in our version of Democracy. I'm referring mainly to slavery, civil war, 60's segregation, minority rights, racism, nuclear issues, several time capitalism at brink of failure. Now, if we can imagine taking all the above baggage out of our history and try to restart Democracy what decision and how different our journey to freedom would really be? Would we feel so strongly about certain issues in our society and would it not make our freedom much different, if our baggage was not as we know it and as we are thought in our schools? I believe the journey to freedom and democracy by iranian people is one of absolute innocence and as such their experience of freedom would be much different than ours and our reference to their democracy would be one of strangely misunderstood at best. I believe given time as we had plenty of it, Iranians and their democracy of innocence would be one that is very beneficial to the world community.