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Robert Hefner: The Grand Energy Transition

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mszlazak Avatar
Posted: 01.03.10, 11:09 PM
Natural gas releases methane which is an order of magnitude worst than CO2 on the climate. Estimates say that this methane makes the use of natural gas worst than using coal for electricity generation on global climate change. Methane is about 20 times as bad as CO2.
Fitzman Avatar
Posted: 05.04.09, 09:07 PM
MeiLi you are exactly right. Isn't it ironic I can hear the Chevron ad at the beginning of this video just fine, but once the panel discussion with Robert starts I have to strain hard to hear it even with my laptop's volume turned all the way up? Just goes to show how hard it is to hear the voice of the premier natural gas expert in the world in his own country. We must all work to change this. I know you two are working very hard to do so. Some people are listening! So, keep up your great work!
MHefner Avatar
Posted: 04.29.09, 04:34 PM
History is repeating itself in USA - Natural Gas and the government. Why don"t the US government listen and believe in their own American experts that there is an abundance of Natural Gas in the country, they prefer to believe the Russians and Iranians. NG is cleaner unlike coal which has toxic wastes composing of ash, mercury, sulphur and CO2. Oil - US prefers to buy oil and exporting good US$ overseas?! Why hasn't the US government research, talk about and use more Natural Gas? Local land owners will benefit from the drilling as they lease the land. More american jobs in this industry. Transform US vehicles to NG will be much cleaner, Tried to trade in an SUV but was offered only $1,000! Let's convert our SUVs to Natural Gas Vehicles.