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Dan Roam: The Back of the Napkin

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Previous FORAtv comments:
aserra Avatar
Posted: 09.28.09, 07:19 AM
unfortunately without seeing the pictures mentioned during the speech I did not understand much, which perhaps confirms the theories exposed but that does not helps at all
countyroad Avatar
Posted: 05.06.09, 05:54 AM
So frustrating to watch a lecture about visual reasoning and no one can see what Mr. Roam is drawing on his whiteboard.
jorge03 Avatar
Posted: 05.01.09, 12:26 PM
The cameraman either dozed off, went away or did not understand the name of the lecture, he does not show the picture and drawings Dan makes, takes about 80% of the objective away.
vladsinger Avatar
Posted: 04.13.09, 08:23 PM
Well, talk about deeply ironic. Here he's attempting to convey the importance of visual representation, and we are unable to see the visuals he presents.
Jim Batterson Avatar
Jim Batterson
Posted: 04.11.09, 06:21 PM
I have drawn a picture to tell you what I think of this presentation and it is right here on my left. Okay, and here's another picture. Now you understand the point I'm trying to make. No need to thank me, Mr. Cameraman.
whatnj Avatar
Posted: 03.19.09, 01:29 PM
Great message and great speech. It would have been lot better if the person who shot the video captured the diagrams as well when Dan was pointing and talking about the diagram. It is very annoying when the camera is just focused on Dan when he is trying to talk about something on the screen or whiteboard.
m0nkeybl1tz Avatar
Posted: 03.06.09, 06:35 PM
It's a very interesting concept, and I've started doing it a bit in my daily life, but I wish he would've made a more convincing argument for why it works...