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Ismail Agayev: Iran and Hezbollah

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Zaydi1774 Avatar
Posted: 10.01.09, 10:33 AM
I tend to disagree. Mr. Agayev sounded really educated and well versed to me. He had a unique point of view then the usual medias all out war on Iran. It was indeed refreshing. I actually didnot know a alot of information that he so eloquently preseted. His message is actually for Amercians who are sick and tired of Israel firsters Neocons, wanting American boys fighting the wars for Israel so that Amercian boys and girls bleed and die in deserts of Middle East while the Jewish boys and girls live cosy lives on aid that my governament gives them annually and under our protection while watching American boys and girls dying on CNN. His message is for those who are willing to listen and tolerate others point of view and not for those who have hidden agendas of wishing America to wash Israels dirty laundry so if anyone says anything good about Iran they stop listening and discredit and find faults.
hyacine Avatar
Posted: 03.13.09, 10:03 PM
I was disappointed in this lecture. The talk was poorly organized, Professor Agayev swallowed and slurred his words and seemed to have the agenda of substantiating Iran to the West - this is a dull argument as often it amounted to him saying, yes, these things are bad but then these other things are good. Anyway, I didn't last long in terms of listening to this, maybe someone who toughed the entire thing out will have another view. A shame really about the talk as Prof. Agayev seems as if he has had interesting life experiences many of us will never have.