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Henry Louis Gates on Lincoln and Race

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bryphi Avatar
Posted: 07.24.09, 11:13 AM
90% of the police are corrupted beyond control and need to go. Racism is an issue, but what the media is doing is trying to make the issue worse. They are pushing a race war on the public... and most are stupid enough to buy into it. I can tell be your avatar that you are a brainwashed sheep... "stand with free Iran" LOL How about a free America first! Are you from Iran? If not... why you worried about what they are doing?
ajstavely711 Avatar
Posted: 07.23.09, 05:18 PM
bryphi said, "Mainstream media is pushing the race issue on the public. Wonder why???????????????????????????????" How are they pushing the race issue? "Wonder why?" It is a legitimate question to ask in the case of Gates...I am a white male who lives in Georgia and I can say without a doubt in my mind hard core racism is still alive and kickin! I know first hand the police in my state have serious problems with not only racial profiling but abuses of power! There has to be open discussions about how the police act when it comes to race. The cops in the US lack proper training and are then given enormous power in which many of them simply abuse! I have worked in the Criminal Justice System in Georgia and there are serious problems! Especially when it comes to racial profiling! If it were not for modern technology police would be getting away with the abuses that are actually caught on tape. In most cases when a police officer gets busted they are forced to "resign" not get "fired". Resigning allows them to work for another law enforcement agency...THIS IS WRONG! I am very happy the media is having this discusion on race! Everyone should be unless they are so naive to think there is no more racism just because we have a mixed race President or they are racist themselves!
bryphi Avatar
Posted: 07.23.09, 12:01 PM
This web site is full of propaganda! Obamas intentions may be great...Its a shame he is powerless. Mainstream media is pushing the race issue on the public. Wonder why???????????????????????????????
rkm Avatar
Posted: 07.23.09, 10:12 AM
Sorry for the mistake! Seven were ex-slave states.
rkm Avatar
Posted: 07.23.09, 10:09 AM
It is influential people of obvious rank and privilege who turn ordinary men into "Great Men" for the masses. Such as with Abraham Lincoln, when Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton supposedly muttered: "now he belongs to the ages", but if Stanton really said that, who would know? I also contend that Lincoln was only a man with personal faults along with some ideal values and visions, but let's face the truth, he may not had achieved such status, had he survived. In deed, he may have confused and dismayed black and white alike. If you want to understand Lincoln further, we have his only surviving son Robert Todd for reference. The closest Robert's father would allow him to the war, was on General Grant's staff; and that's saying a lot, compared to the kind of people we have in office today. But then Robert had the luxury of attending Phillips Exeter Academy and Harvard University. They didn't have the SAT back then, yet a president's son is a slam dunk. Robert Todd went on to private and public work, such as Secretary of War and Ambassador to Britain....a pretty comfortable life for the late Nineteenth century. But he was also counsel to the questionable yet notable George Pullman, who attempted to control most monetary aspects of all his employees by creating his own town in the south side of Chicago. The town of Pullman provided everything until his business declined, then it was a nightmare for laborers with Pullman's rent rising, while at the same time employee wages were declining. Pullman even called President Cleveland for federal troops while Illinois Governor Altgeld was working for a more peaceful solution. What was Robert Todd counseling to Pullman? That war is the path to peace. Were do you suppose he learned that from? If the apple fell close to the tree, and I suspect that it did, we can see in the actions of his son, what we may have expected from the great Emancipator. After all, you cannot tax slaves, can you? Does anyone know that of the first ten states to ratify that sixteenth amendment of the Constitution (income tax) were ex-slave states, with Alabama at the top of the list...
psychologist3 Avatar
Posted: 02.20.09, 02:14 PM
Wow! How wonderful to hear the truth about Lincoln for a change. Thank you sir!