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IQ2 Debate: Should Euthanasia Be Legalized?

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Anthony69 Avatar
Posted: 12.07.10, 10:44 AM
Personally, there are many issues and potential problems in dealing with this topic, but I believe in it for myself... whether or not I actually have access to it when it's my time, or if I'll be able to "push the button" when it gets right down to it... but to deny a person the dignity to go when and how they wish is NOT YOUR DECISION TO MAKE FOR ANYONE!!! If you remove the religious stigma of "suicide" you may be able to side with "assisted dying" better as religion is between ME AND MY GOD, not ME AND YOUR GOD... you can't stop a children or even adults from doing things that might cause them major harm or even death... so would you consider a person driving their car at 85mph in rush hour traffic as suicidal? IF yes then they should be locked up and "treated" before they kill themselves or others... I am sure, as a Christian, that if I decided to "end my life" that God will have a great deal to say to me when I get to wherever it is I may be brought or sent... but it's NOT YOUR responsibility to worry about that... just has having a law against suicide is ludicrous... why? if I were to wish to commit suicide why would I worry if it were illegal or not? And what is the punishment if I succeed? or if I fail?... get real all you lunatic moralist and religious fanatics... YOU can't stop me from being human and making my own decisions as long as those decisions affect only myself... and don't even bother going there and saying that suicide doesn't only effect the dyee... LMAO... or it's against some social good... Unless I am doing something that may cause direct physical harm to anther then all your arguments are just plain selfish and dumb... but I am talking about self implemented euthanasia and not that of another person... I did say there are issues that need to be addressed but we can't avoid the respectful use of something because it may cause harm if improperly used... then we'd have to ban Cars, Plane, Bicycles, Baby Strollers, disposable diapers, electricity generation, and all forms of man made products... think about it... everything we do can be taken to a detrimental extreme...
disagreeable40 Avatar
Posted: 09.26.09, 11:57 AM
I couldn't hear the darn thing...I had all volumes maxed out too!