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Van Jones: The Green New Deal

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Newspeaker Avatar
Newspeaker + Staff
Posted: 05.24.10, 11:28 AM
great line "energy security is national security." yes i'd like to hear more specifics, beside retrofitting old building. but alternative energy research is necessary if we want to lead the world into a new era of cleaner energy. the result of american job growth is a benefit that makes this a no-brainer. i want to get involved.
progressiveobserver Avatar
Posted: 09.13.09, 02:27 PM
A "paltry" 8 billion tax dollars? How much was the adminstration supposed to give? Isn't that socialism or communism or some kind of offensive ism? African-Americans will undoubtedly be pleased that you feel their marital status is the real issue. Actually there's a good chance most Americans live in cities. That's why cities are so crowded and politicians that represent states with big cities represent many, many more people. The Federal Reserve "gave away" most of that money and we don't want to interfere with the Fed's independence do we? But it is true global warming is nothing but a plot by the Left to create millions of jobs and reduce pollution and Jones who refers to everyone as brother and sister does in fact hate everyone including his actual brother and sister.
dennisoneill4 Avatar
Posted: 09.10.09, 07:09 AM
The green movement is largely a farce akin to the myth of global warming. Most Americans live in environmentally unfriendly, nondescript suburbs in the middle of nowhere. Obama has been a disaster. He gave away trillions to his corrupt, inept contributors on Wall Street, engineered a state take over of GM on behalf of his special interest UAW, and gave a paltry $8 billion to high speed rail. Van Jones is a racist who foolishly spouted off like a preacher about troubled white youth rather than addressing the real issue of an out-of-wedlock birthrate among American black folks that is over 70%. Good riddance to him.
4TimesAYear Avatar
Posted: 03.19.09, 10:49 PM
(I forgot to say that wind turbines are far from "green.")
4TimesAYear Avatar
Posted: 03.19.09, 10:44 PM
No more wind turbines, please. Nobody knows who is going to be responsible for taking out the 100s of tons of junk once a turbine has outlived its usefulness. They also need to establish some rules about how close they can come to people's homes. They create some serious issues for people with neurological and other health problems. If they are going to put up any more they at least need to look at different and more effecient models.
adambl Avatar
Posted: 03.12.09, 04:06 PM
His first line says it all. We need to start producing again. The problem with the bailout is it goes against market principles: people clearly don't want to buy what the automakers are selling, so, as he says, they should start making things people want to buy. So be it more fuel efficient cars or, as he suggests, solar panels etc., it's definitely time to get cracking.
Searle88 Avatar
Posted: 02.26.09, 06:02 AM
For the green new deal to really work what is required ideally is a transformation of the financial system....bringing it truly into the 21st century

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