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Running Out: The Global Food Crisis

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rwilsonguide Avatar
Posted: 06.07.11, 01:06 PM
Of course I think that this is a big problem. But we should look at this from another point of view. People basically, if they want to live in cities, have to work to get food. At least others in countryside do, they grow their own vegetables, fruit, raise animals. There is no space for 2x human beings that live now on this planet. We need at least to live intelligently. Ray W. the diy home solar panels optimist.
mihaela ungureanu Avatar
mihaela ungureanu
Posted: 11.07.09, 08:02 AM
I believe the food issue is a great topic in a globalized world where the liders plan and concern over an agenda full of biases and political debates. I think that we need to focus on the need of food in countries like Somalia, Congo, and the oters of Africa where population have almost nothing to eat, where children die because of the lack of an elementary need. We should not leave them in poverty and hunger.