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Rebooting the Global Economy

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amlookingstill Avatar
Posted: 12.25.09, 05:32 PM
that woman spouting silly lies...what gall...she must never be invited to speak on fora like this..listen to what she says...pure utter bunkum!!!
HarleyG Avatar
Posted: 12.23.09, 11:01 PM
The economy of United States is the largest national economy in world in both nominal value and by purchasing power parity. Its nominal GDP was estimated as $14.4 trillion in 2008, which is about three times that of the second largest economy, Japan. Though it has the largest economy, it is not the reason for discharge in recession. Surprisingly, an estimated $ 1.6 trillion of U.S securities are owned by China. China is the largest foreign financer of the record S.S public debt, holding $801.5 billion in Treasury bonds. Economic recovery is a nice phrase but when will we have it? No one knows.
heygbradio Avatar
Posted: 10.06.09, 07:29 PM
It seems to me that the rest of the world outside the United States is side-stepping the United States. That is to say that any talk about the U.S. simply brings eye-rolling or at least that the U.S. money policy regarding the Federal Reserve Bank is touted as the main problem with it constantly printing money that has nothing to back it up, or 'coverage', like the one audience member mentioned in his question to the panel. The fact is that it is true. The Federal Reserve bank in the U.S. simply prints money...driving inflation and ultimately leading to a collapse of value and in turn a collapse in the economy. I think everyone needs to watch Dmitry Orlov's presentation right here on Fora TV. He hits it all right on the head. There will be a time when the world will leave the United States in the dust and move on without it.
Xavier Alvarez Avatar
Xavier Alvarez
Posted: 02.20.09, 08:34 PM
Everything that has been questioned about our economic system and current crisis is limited to the same frames that guided us to this situation. These frames are the ethics valued by our society which are reflected upon the way capitalism has been carried to this day. Banking policies, government action, green energy, global governance, failures and opportunities, these are the topics being discussed everyday. All of them significant indeed. Nevertheless, subjugated to the individualistic, selfish, shortsighted drive that has pushed this consequences in our way. We have not questioned openly the ethics of the system yet. We have not had our leaders, our politicians, our economists, our friends, ourselfs, reflect on the ethics of today, of our system. To see real change we have to address the root of the problem.
Posted: 02.13.09, 05:46 AM
The IMF game plan is just like the one before world war I . playing on the fact that the mass's of peoples do not know the history.

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